Nine reasons the “Iranian Oil Tanker collision story” might be a conspiracy !

Nine reasons the “Iranian Oil Tanker collision story” might be a conspiracy !




  • “Ship tracking data shows the collision occurred in waters not frequently used by large vessels like tankers, dry-bulk carriers or container ships. Most ships travel either closer to the Chinese coast in the west or more nearby to Japan in the east.” (In these waters, there is no US navy protection. Something seems really odd.)


  • The U.S. sent a P-8A aircraft which searched nearly 3,600 square nautical miles — but did not find any of the missing crew (Very good legitimate excuse, not that I am against it.  It flew 3,600 square nautical miles to in search of citizens who are in a very bad relation with American government. Besides, if the crew members plunged into the sea from the crash, they are going to sink to the bottom of the sea !)




  • If two ships collided, why is the photo showing only one ship ? (Crystal came and crashed into the side of Sanchi, and quickly left the scene before the journalists came ?)


  • Looking at the size, a light weight (41,073 ton /75725 t) knocked out a heavy champion (85,462 ton /164154 t)

Ship Conpairson

CF CRYSTAL (One that suffered “non-critical” damage and quickly left)

  • Gross Tonnage: 41073
  • Deadweight: 75725 t
  • Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 225m × 32.26m
  • Year Built: 2011

SANCHI (Oil tanker with missing Iranians or the one that is completely destroyed)

  • Gross Tonnage: 85462
  • Deadweight: 164154 t
  • Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 274.18m × 50m
  • Year Built: 2008


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  • Colin Kong

    I wonder how they managed to collide in all that open ocean, what caused the explosion and why the Crystal didn’t take the Sanchi crew on board.

    • Visual Trackers
      1. I have a friend who used to work as a ship crew member like those ships. According to him, every ship has a radar that detects other ships from miles away so there is no collision. If this incident was a natural collision, then they must have been watching each other’s radar from miles away and just let it happen. It just doesn’t make sense.

      2. Why collision ? Just because a ship hits on the side of another ship, doesn’t mean there should be an explosion like that. But not 100% sure on this.

      3. From day 1 of the incident, they reported the 32 crew members to be missing with a fire. Like I explained from the article, it is very strange for all of the crews to be missing (and from what they are missing ?) if they were abiding maritime law, some crew members should have been reported to be burnt to death inside a room waiting for their next shift. But they were missing all. (This is also very strange.)