Why the Mossad, NSA and CIA should be worried about Im Jong-Seok

Why UN, Mossad, NSA and CIA should be worried about Im Jong-Seok; Presidential Secretary for President of South Korea who met with Michel Aoun


Im Jong-seok has been hand-picked by President of South Korea Moon Jae-in to serve as his secretary since 10 May 2017.


Im Jong-Seok; an Ex-student activist of lifetime who served jail sentences numerous times for national security breaches in South Korea has been blamed multiple times for sending illegal money to North Korea.

The text on top reads “WANTED MAN” (Breach of national security)


In 1989: He serves as 3rd chairman for National university student activism representative council (전국대학생대표자협의회).

Im Jong-Seok joined a socialist student activist group in South Korea. Their motto was anti-imperialism aimed at American troops protecting South Korea and national liberation.

In 1991: Im Jong Seok illegally sends Lim Su-kyung; another Pro-North Korean student activist to North Korea and gets a jail sentence of 5 years.

The text reads Im Jong-Seok sentenced for 5 years in jail


In 2000, he rises to become a member of National Assembly of the Republic of Korea despite his past criminal activities.

Im Jong-Seok working as a member of National Assembly of the Republic of Korea


In 2004, 남북경제문화협력재단 (Interkoreagroup, a group through which Im Jong-Seok has been sending money to North Korea comes into operation.)

Website for 남북경재협력재단 (Interkoreagroups)


On July 19th 2017, according to joongang.joins.com


Im Jong-Seok has been secretly sending money since the last 13 years despite warnings. It is estimated that Im Jong-Seok has sent $22 million USD  to North Korea through groups led by himself such as “남북경제문화협력재단”. (English Translation: North and South Korea Cultural Cooperation Group/Interkorea group)


“남북경제문화협력재단” (or Interkorea Group is a proxy group that has been financing North Korea despite many sanctions led by Im Jong-Seok: the right hand man of President Moon Jaei-In)


On December 11th 2017, he meets with the President of Lebanon; Michel Aoun backed by Hezbollah which is backed by North Korea itself.

According to South Korea media, it is said that he has been to EUA/Lebanon to get support for the Winter Olympics in 2018. However the real purpose of his unannounced trip to EUA/Lebanon is not known at the moment, while many South Koreans argue that his trip was to discuss other ways to send money to North Korea because of tougher UN sanctions.

Many in South Korea feel that UN sanctions are not enough as such groups led by Pro-north Korean Ex-student protest leaders are in charge to secretly send money to North Korea.

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