Chinese intelligence agency participated in candlelight vigil to impeach President Park Gyeun-Hye in secret

Chinese intelligence agency participated in candlelight vigil to impeach President Park Gyeun-Hye in secret

A speculation is going around in South Korea that a Chinese intelligence agency has secretly participated in a candlelight vigil using 60,000 Chinese students which led to impeachment of former President Park Geun-Hye.

On the 25th, Dong-A Ilbo Journal‘s Lee Jung-Hoon’s security section posted an article titled “Democratic opposition against the THAAD deployment is shooting oneself in his own foot.”

The THAAD deployment was meant to be delivered with Pyeongtaek’s American military base selected by Roh Moo-hyun administration. The news article written by Lee Jung-Hoon argues that the fact that certain members of the Democratic Party who opposed the THAAD deployment on behalf of Chinese government’s national interests is putting themselves at security risk.

In the meantime, Lee Jung-hoon said, “More than 60,000 Chinese students are residing in South Korea,” and that “China has secretly participated in the candlelight demonstrations for impeaching President Park Geun-Hye using Chinese nationals.”

He added that “Not many of South Korean citizens are currently aware of the fact, but the fact that Chinese intelligence agencies were involved with the impeachment of South Korea’s former president Park Gyeun-Hye behind the scenes is true in the world of intelligence.

According to the same article, intelligence officials say the Chinese intelligence agency tried to influence South Korean politics, and certain politicians from the Democratic party of South Korea were caught red-handed.

He added that “Time has come to think about a policy on Chinese students in South Korea”. He stated that “It is hard for North Korea to attack South Korea because of the Chinese students in Korea”. Chinese students in a way add national security of South Korea. However, the they could also be used politically for national interests of Chinese government. 


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